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Move Snow... faster, cleaner, easier, cheaper!

is a revolutionary way to move large volumes of snow quickly.  The SnoTec utilizes a steel moldboard to push or pull the snow causing it to roll in front of the unit.  This design moves a trememdous amount of snow each pass.  Side plates minimize spill-over making a clean sweep. 

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Front and Back

High Flow Design
  • Clean and scrape down to the surface
  • Works GREAT in conjuction with a front end loader
  • No more snow dribbling or making pass after pass to clean up snow spillout
  • Works GREAT with wet, heavy snow
AR (Abrasion Resistant) AR (Abrasion Resistant)
Steel Blade Standard Equipment
Optional: Rubber Blade Kit
Inboard Skid Shoe Design Inboard Skid Shoe Design
Skid Shoe placement allows for excellent side visibility.  Angle shoes design to ride over obstacles.  Invoard design for better trimming and durability.
Ridge or FloatRidge Or Float
Either the rigid or the float position on the center link can be used for operation.  When using the float position, the unit will be in constant travel in relationship to the unit.
Adjustable Cutter Blade
3-Point Snow Puller
3-Point Hitch


  • Reduces Windrows
  • Reduces Spillage
  • Reduces Time
  • Reduces Labor
  • Reduces Maintenance
  • Mounting Mounting Options
  • Various Loader Mounts
  • Universal Skid Steer Mount
  • Three-Point Tractor Mount
    All mounts are interchangeable. Select one or more that fits your application.
  • Extension Plate

    10” Extension Plate SNO-TEC Exclusive

  • Economical way to increase pusher capacity 33%!
  • Use in up position for volume
  • Use in down position for greater visibility
  • Tilts up or down with the simple pull of a pin
  • Skid Shoes Skid Shoes
  • Placement allows for excellent side visibility
  • Provides “float” for the unit reducing property damage
  • Angled design to ride over obstacles
  • Minimum side extension for better trimming
  • Blade Options Blade Options
  • Compact is upgradeable to AR steel or rubber blade kit
  • Premier is upgradeable to rubber blade kit

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