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Piranha Landscape Rakes

What It Does

PIRANHA is a piece of equipment to make landscaping quick and easy.  The rotor turns in a counter rotating motion, putting rock and debris between the end shields while processing the dirt through the machine, leaving an excellently prepared seed bed. 

Operating the PIRANHA with the gauge wheels down puts the PIRANHA in landscaping mode.  Operating the PIRANHA with the gauge wheels in the "up" position puts the machine in tilling mode.  Flip up the end shields and angle the PIRANHA to windrow rock and debris either by manual or hydraulic turn. 

PIRANHA features a float or rigid center link control as standard equipment on tractor models.  The float setting is used for consistent rotor to ground engagement and the rigid setting is used for grinding.

Industry Exclusive
Piranha offers 3 rotors to choose from: 2” Sabre tooth rotor, aggressor tooth carbide rotor (which is 50% more aggressive, takes 25% less power) and the construction rotor (excellent for laying down gravel and small rock removal).

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Piranha Landscaping

Piranha Skid Steer

Piranha Soil Processing


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